We create innovative
solutions with love
Our approach is to use engineering
to create social change.
Our Innovation is based on social smart inspirations.

Hopen Project : Social As A Service

We handle tough projects where technology brings solutions into specific fields.
We started everything in eHealth with critical subjects.

Our story

We believe we will reconnect everyone, from great grandchildren to great grandmother, with a strong human-centric & fun experience. Hopen Project is the result of a partnership between three technology enthusiasts who wish to offer their expertise in the creation of social projects. We began our adventure around a first social issue: how to allow parents to see their hospitalized / preemie children. Personally affected by the subject, we put everything in place to achieve innovative results. We answered to a real need expressed by doctors and families and made our first technological feat: Sunday Junior

Our values

We founded Hopen Project because we share the same point of view: technology can solve a lot of social issues. Our values are very strong centered around dependent people, often isolated and disconnected. Our guideline always follow our values: Love, Family, Authenticity.

We still consider that human relationship is more important, and our solutions are here to help and underpass the lack of communication in complex conditions such as neonatal  and Elderly people.


Based on those experiences, we keep working in various innovative solutions. We  were first asked to develop an application for Emergency Services. More details will show up later on this solution.

Meantime, we launched Sunday the quintessence of what the 2 founders has in mind.  User-friendly and think for everyone around the world, Sunday became a Family content-sharing network.  Get ready to spread love & happiness around you!